Free Apple iPad - 7 Ways How Getting it Can Improve Your Life

Free Apple iPad - 7 Ways How Getting it Can Improve Your Life

By Alex Sands

Many reviews show that Apple iPad is the most successful mobile internet device that has been produced so far. And indeed, the device is beautifully designed with 9.7 inch LED display, relatively light (only 1.5 pounds), phenomenal battery life (up to 10 hours), has over 14000 applications right at your fingertips, and let you stay connected to everyone everywhere. Isn't it awesome?
Well, if you are not sure that you want to spend a lot of money on it, here is good news. You can get it for free! Yes, if you act quickly, then pretty soon you will play with all these applications on your own brand new Apple iPad and it wouldn't cost you a cent. Not everybody knows that the companies like Apple, when they are launching a new product, are giving away a number of units to regular people like you, just to test the product and get your opinion on it. These offers only exist when a product just got to the market, and right now this product is Apple iPad. That's why you have to hurry up. All you need to do is to click on the link below, complete a survey, get free Apple iPad, test it, give a feedback and keep it.
Why should you go to all these troubles? Well, first of all, because it is FREE. Second, having free Apple iPad can sufficiently improve your life. Here, 7 ways how:
1. Make you richer

With Apple iPad you will stay connected to your business and professional life all the time, wherever you are. You easily can create documents, presentations, manage schedules, add information on your calendar, and customize the device exactly in the way you would want it to perform. Apple iPad will let you stay in touch with your clients and keep working when you are away from your office.
2. Make you smarter

Scientists believe that hands-on interaction, like in case with Apple iPad, is more beneficial for our brains, then an interaction through a keyboard or mouse. Apparently, for our brains hands-on interaction fits exactly how we behave and think in real life. In addition, the iPad interface looks easier for us, because it has larger-size text and bigger icons. It is less likely to cause cognitive overload to the user. Therefore, using iPad leads to focused thinking.
3. Help you travel

Apple iPad is not only perfect to travel with, it is a great help for travelers. It is much easier to navigate with the Maps application for iPad than the Maps application on iPhone, simply because the screen is much larger.
4. Help you organize your life

Apart from the internet, the iPad is a great device to store all your music, videos, picture and documents. And the file manager will organize everything for you in the library.
5. Help you get a date

Apple iPad could be a great tool for finding a date. And I am not talking about dating sites on Internet. Remember how you wanted to borrow your friend's cute dog to attract an attention? Works all the time! Now you can leave your friend's dog alone, grab your iPad and go out. This new toy attracts so much attention, so I guarantee that you would be surprise how popular you are! But you have to get iPad right now, who knows how quickly the novelty will wear off!
6. Help you overcome fear of flying

Using iPad on a plane with all these movies, games, books and music is a major distraction, so it will help you to forget about the flight. For those with a more severe fear of flying, there is a special 'Mental Workout' Fear of Flying app available in iPad (in conjunction with Virgin Airlines). The app put many air travelers at ease and enable them to prepare to the flight.
7. Save you money

Apart from the fact that Apple iPad has a plenty of money management app, so you can better budget your life, I have to remind you - you are getting Free Apple iPad. So, by definition you are saving money!
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